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Steven D. Thorne, P.E., D.GE Is New GBA President
Steven D. Thorne, P.E., D.GE (Terracon) is the new president of ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA), a not-for-profit association of geoprofessional firms that employ some 200,000 individuals worldwide. Accepting...


Annual Report from GBA President Kurt R. Fraese, L.G.
Originally presented at the GBA 2014 Spring Conference in Hawaii on April 12, 2014, GBA President Kurt R. Fraese, L.G. shares his thoughts on what GBA has achieved for its members...


EDITORIAL: Preserve and Protect
Preserve and protect public health, safety, and welfare. That's the engineer's credo. Of course, not all geoprofessionals are engineers, and many of them - such as environmental scientists - are not licensed and have no reason...


Schoenwolf, James Named ASFE/GBA Fellows
David A. Schoenwolf, P.E. and Lee R. James, CPA, CMC, CBI have been elected Fellows of ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA), a not-for-profit association of geoprofessional firms that employ...


NEW MEMBERS - April 2014
Our year-to-date recruiting results are impressive: Four new Faculty Members. Two new Government Members. One new Practitioner Member. And twelve new Member Firms. To you all, a sincere "Thank you and welcome aboard!"


ASFE/GBA Faculty Member Jack Germaine Is New Chair of ASTM D18; Asks for Your Help.
ASFE/GBA Faculty Member Jack Germaine is new chair of ASTM D18; asks for your help. (It would help ASFE/GBA, too.)


Why would a company try to sell perfume via a TV ad, seeing that the product's only attribute is scent? Because there's more to a scent than scent. There's the celebrity affiliation part ("I smell just like JayLo!") or the potential for...


Bachner Honored for 40+ Years of Service
October 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of John P. Bachner's affiliation with ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA). His vision and engagement have helped to advance careers, businesses, and...


Owners, Architects, Civil and Structural Engineers Can Easily Reduce Their Construction-Project...
"Construction-materials engineering and testing (CoMET) consultants perform quality-assurance (QA) services to evaluate how well constructors are achieving the specified conditions they're contractually obligated to achieve. Done right...


Crystal Ball Workshop Findings Now Available in Practice Alert 58
Technology growth, quality vs. quantity, climate change, and talent shortage are the four key trends that ASFE/GBA-Member Firms need to be considering right now, along with a "wildcard trend." So advises ASFE/GBA's Emerging...