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Confronting Workplace Bullying: A New GBA Best Practices Monograph Just Released
Confronting Workplace Bullying is the title of the newest GBA Best Practices monograph, developed by the Business Practices Committee of the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA). The Committee prepared the monograph...


DR. ENGLISH: Dealing with Ambiguity
Ambiguity is the bane of writing that you need to have understood in exactly the way you want it understood. In many cases, the ambiguity arises from the order of the words in a sentence. Consider the phrasing that inspired this column, seen on the...


GBA Publishes Claims 101
CLAIMS 101: The Fundamentals of Claims Detection and Response is the title of a new, 18-page guide published by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA). Prepared by GBA's Legal Affairs Committee, the new guide provides...


CoMET Business Council Publishes Unique Curing-Room Design/Construction Guide
Moist-Curing Room Design, Construction, and Maintenance is the title of a comprehensive new guide published by the Construction-Materials Engineering and Testing Business Council (CoMETBC) of the Geoprofessional Business...


Avoiding Allegations of Corruption: Not As Easy As You May Think
Avoiding allegations of corrupt practices is not as easy as one may think. So says the Legal Affairs Committee of the Geoprofessional Business Association in a just-issued GBA Best Practices monograph, "Avoiding Allegations of Corruption." As...


GBA Issues New Case History 101
The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) has published a new entry to its well-known case-history series. GBA Case History 101 describes how a GBA-Member Firm committed a serious error while conducting...


PLI Basics Focus of New GBA Best Practices Monograph
Why do geoprofessionals need professional-liability insurance (PLI)? That's one of five fundamental issues addressed by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) in a new GBA Best Practices monograph titled "Professional...


GBA Takes Cover of Civil + Structural Engineer
The cover of the January 2015 issue of Civil + Structural Engineer features a photo of suburban Maryland's Intercounty Connector, along with the title of the article related to it: "UNCOVERING HIDDEN ISSUES: Geotechnical engineering...


Matheson, Carson, Reinbold Head 2015-16 BoD Slate
GBA's Nominating Committee has announced its slate of officers and directors for the May 1, 2015-April 30, 2016 fiscal year. GBA President-Elect Gordon M. Matheson, Ph.D., P.E., P.G. (Schnabel Engineering) will...


GBA Updates Index of Limitation-of-Liability Decisions Available Free
The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) has published a new edition of Limitation-of-Liability Case Index, an important legal reference conveying in lay terms the results of 75 cases where the legality of limitation-of-liability...